Moving pictures


The Holy Land

I had the incredible opportunity to go to Israel for 16 days with 4pm Media as a camera assistant filming for their new Metanoia series. This short film is a snapshot of the experience from my perspective—moments that I was able to capture in between filming the series. I’m sure I’ll be unpacking and looking back on the experience for years to come. More photos here.

Prince Edward Island

Growing up, Stasia was a huge fan of the Anne of Green Gables books. So much so that she put “visiting Prince Edward Island” on her bucket list! I love to travel so I told her we should go together! This video is about the experience we had there. Also check out the photoblog for some more photos.

Art/Artist Series: Christopher Beiting

I met Chris sort of through chance when a mutual friend invited me to his show, Renewal. It was a powerful experience for me, and I said to Chris “you know what, we should make a video together!” I hoped to capture some of the intentionality and emotion that goes into the work he does.

You can find out more about Chris at his website: